The fashionable Hatsumi with Doug Wilson interpreting

Besides being awesome at budo and healing, Sheila Haddad is also a great photographer. check out a great set from Daikomyosai 2008 and many more here.


An addition to the theme for 2009.
Soke wants us to study rope as well as Ken (sword) this year.
(And because “no theme” means “limitless”, I strongly suggest everyone try to review all the contents they can study in the Bujinkan.)

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Sainou Shin Ki (Nouryoku Kokoro Utsuwa)

Soke said that for 2009, the theme is NO theme, and added that we should practice Ken (sword) much more because we are not very good at it (in comparison with Taijutsu).

However, he did mention again the concept of Nouryoku kokoro Utsuwa, yet used different kanji to express it. Sainou Shin Ki.

The first and second Kanji together can read Sainou. This translates as talent, a gift, or ability. It can also mean knack, as in ” he has a knack for music.”

The third Kanji, reads Shin. As I stated in my last page, it can also read kokoro. However, in this combination of kanji, it is more commonly referred to as Shin ( heart, spirit, mind).

The fourth Kanji reads KI. This is the same kanji as Utsuwa. However, in this combination it reads as KI, and means caliber, capability or capacity.

To my knowledge, this is the first time he has written this concept telling of the direction or focus of next years training.

Soke stated ” This is very important for the budoka”.                                                                                  

I think if we view these points as entities to teach us the truth of truly living life to the fullest, we can appreciate that the three must be unified  ( shin gi tai ichi )  in order to become a tatsujin.

So, ability, heart and a capacity for growth is important for a martial artist

Life is about speaking your truth.

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